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Invercargill Zero Day

Welp. The second day of my hike was a zero day. And I’m really glad I did this. It’s still very very warm, with lots of sun. And the trail would have been entirely exposed to the sun all day. The only thing today’s setup would have had going for it is I would have likely gotten through the hard part of the day, crossing Waimatuku Stream at low tide, but I would have walked all the way there during the hottest part of the day. And past that it would have been walking into the sun, so would only have gotten worse!

Instead, I got my packages mailed out. Got some final supplies for the trip. Nursed my sunburns a bit. Did some laundry. Stayed cool. Got a haircut. And now I’m less not ready to load up my heavy pack and get walking in the morning. Since I’d like to cross with as ideal of tide as possible I’m planning to depart by 5:30, 6am. Low tide is at 7:33am, so I figure if I get to the crossing by 9 I should be good. And if I hurry I may beat the rain which is supposed to start around 2pm! Good times!

Through Instagram hashtag stalking I found a couple who just started around the same time as I did, and we are all making this trip tomorrow, so I may bump into them along the way, but definitely in Riverton!

And, for posterity, my new do:

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