Meta note: post ordering

I hadn’t planned to break chronological ordering of posting but it’s been several days since I’ve had WiFi and t-mobile’s international roaming, while reasonably priced and incredibly useful is slow as all get out, so uploading lots of pictures is slow / impossible and I haven’t bothered with it yet. However, tonight’s story was both too good not to share asap, but I was going to be mentioning it to friends anyways so I figured I should get the post up and I could just link people to it rather than retelling it 1000 times via sms over the next few days.

I’ll likely have WiFi in Te Anau, about 3 days away, assuming all goes well, and should be able to get my backlog of posts I have written up online!

Anywho, back to not really trying to get to sleep but I probably should try!

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