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Day 9: Lower Wairaki Hut to Aparima Hut

Got up early, had breakfast, hit the trail. First day I felt pretty good the whole time. I started really pushing myself on climbs to go for longer before stopping to catch my breath and I felt like I was FLYING. Amazing what a good rest and breakfast will do. I also think my lunchtime infusion of electrolyte drink had a lot to do with it. Hoping to fix that situation in the future.

Not much to say about the day. It’s short. It was pretty. It had a swing bridge.

The hut was really nice. 8 bunks arranged in a 2 level 4 bunk across sort of thing so while the mattresses were wide, 4 people would be moderately cozy. There were 6 of us in the main hut and a German couple in the other hut after they’d figured out how to get in.

Wonderful swimming hole under the swing bridge. The water felt so great and while I wasn’t clean I was at least fairly well rinsed.

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