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Queenstown Zero day 2

So. Much. Rain.

Everyone is indoors. And that means all the cafes are slammed. So in the 4 hours between checking out of one hostel and checking in to another, I did a lot of wandering aimlessly.

Fortunately, I also found a hidden not so hidden Internet cafe. Walked in, asked about it since google maps had led me there. Guy pointed to computers on the wall and said have at. No charge. No line. No limits. The library had a huge line, so I’d gone in search of paid but more featureful service and got so much more. This gave me time to fix all of the images from previous posts. If you’ve already read them, go back and look at the pictures! If any are still broken let me know and I’ll fix, but after tomorrow I’m dark again for a few days so it might be a bit!

I also wrote up some more postcards and filed support requests with WordPress and Day One about my woes. Turns out the Day One issue was user error and they got me sussed proper, which I’m very happy about. Now if I can just get WordPress to be so responsive!

Finally I got checked in to my hostel. And oh my did I time it right. 2 huge buses pulled up outside and started dumping people out. The lobby is utter chaos. I’m also glad I got my pack out of the storage room because that had already been super stuffed to the gills, can’t imagine what it will be like in a bit!

Currently I’m laying on my bed doing some reading and coordinating dinner plans with friends. Tomorrow the rain is supposed to stop, so I’ll pretty much hang out until that happens and hit the road. We have a reservation at the holiday park in Arrowtown for a campsite and an appointment with a New World (grocery store) in Frankton along the way for resupply.

At dinner we found out Keaton and crew’s alternate route to Wanaka was closed and they would now be joining us at the campsite in Arrowtown. So happy and sad at the same time. We had some really good Venezuelan food and then some cookie dough and I said my farewells to go to bed.

Tomorrow is a long day and I have a resupply in the middle, so I want to get an early start. But not so early that I’m getting rained on. But it should be fine. I’ve been chomping at the bit all day to get going anyways!

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