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Lake Tekapo Zero

Today’s mission: clean pack. Fix leak in sleeping pad. Resupply. Find a book. Relax.

Fortunately there’s not a whole lot to do in this town, so I don’t feel compelled to try to cram it all in on my day off. I can just sit in my tent and do nothing and be fine with that. So other than my chores, I can just hang out today and do nothing. And I might do that again tomorrow, but we’ll see.

Just down the road from my campsite there’s a spa with varying pool temperatures. Similar to what was to be found in Iceland but not quite the same thing. I hung out there for a bit and used the actually functional WiFi at the cafe for a bit! Seriously this is the first usable (and free, too!) WiFi I’ve had in like 2 weeks

Edit: I am just now getting around to publishing this. It seems like I stopped mid thought and never came back. Posting for posterity.

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