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Day 41: Blue Lake hut to Sabine Hut

Yea, no Travers Saddle for me. Forecast said 60km/h winds at the top and I just used that as an excuse not to go! It’s ok though!

Before I left this morning I wandered to the lake to get a picture of how clear the water is. There was some wind though so the surface was rough. Still beautiful though.

Wandered down the hill to West Sabine hut which is a 34 bunker! Apparently the other night they had 36 there. It’s tiny though, I can’t imagine it with even 20 people. 36 must have been insanity. I had it all to myself for lunch though. Saw a couple of day hikers from the hut going up to blue lake along the way.

Amazing views all along the way whenever there were open parts of the trail. It was mostly forest though, varying between rooted and crappy and rocky and crappy and smooth as ice and lovely. A couple of short climbs in for good measure. Near the end of the day there was a quite nice climb up above the river as it turns to go into a gorge, then you cross it on a bridge.

Water is super clear and super deep. The depth hides the current though, shortly after this what would otherwise be an amazing place to cliff jump you have some nasty rapids. Seriously the water was unbelievable. Really really nice.

A while later came across a waterfall next to the trail.

The hut is on Lake Rotoroa. The brochure says there’s a water taxi from here to Rotoroa village at the other end of the lake. I considered taking it just for fun but it’s kinda pricey and then I still have to get from there to St Arnaud. I’ll walk. But for now I’ll enjoy the view from the porch. Actually from inside because outside is sandfly city.

Mostly full house here tonight. It was pretty loud and chaotic in the kitchen earlier. Lots of folks out to walk the circuit. Some are taking the water taxi in the morning, but I think most will be walking my way. Maybe I can hitch a ride from one of them from the carpark into town.

This hut is pretty neat, 2 bedrooms each with a double decker long bunk bed about 8 mattresses across, and a huge kitchen with 2 sinks and plenty of seating.

Anywho, looking forward to St Arnaud tomorrow and all you can eat bbq the next day! And maybe a clean pack that doesn’t smell so bad! Seriously this thing is gross, and not just gross but extra terrible gross. The mildew didn’t go away and it’s just been getting worse. Hopefully I can find a basin to soak it in with some vinegar. That should do the trick, maybe!

Sleep now.

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