Snow Day on Tilikum Crossing

Hello, my name is Jeremy Kitchen.

On any given Sunday you’ll find me either cleaning my apartment or out wandering the city taking pictures of cats. Both are things I’m actively pursuing as hobbies, and both are things you are likely to read about on this blog!

I grew up in Iowa, wandered the midwest for a couple of years, did a 10 year stint in LA and finally have landed in lovely Portland, OR. It’s got that nice balance of small town feel with all the big city amenities. Plus there are loads of cats and bikes everywhere, amazing food, amazing coffee, lovely weather. Pretty much my ideal city.

I ride my bikes a lot. Currently mostly for transportation, but during nicer weather I’ll get my road bike out and find a hill to climb.

  • I live in Portland, OR.
  • I have 2 cats.
  • I ride my bikes a lot.
  • I work for Stripe

Here are some ways to contact me:

I also have a PGP key, if you’re into that sort of thing. My key’s fingerprint is:

14CE A463 FEF1 6180 38A3  2280 30A3 9153 B6F0 E4F4