Hello, World!

It’s that time again. Time for me to switch blogging platforms and work at getting into blogging! I’m back on WordPress and likely here to stay. Things in WordPress world have gotten to the point where I don’t feel super paranoid that it’s going to get compromised, and if all else fails I can move to and have a super stable blog with all the backups and not have to worry about things at all. Hooray!

Because I want to make my site forward compatible with, and in the interests of not having all of my permalinks broken, I’m going to leave online indefinitely. I’ll make a post over there redirecting folks to here, but that site will be mostly deprecated.

There are several reasons I’m switching away from Octopress, but the main one is ease of use. WordPress’ post editing interface is pretty neat. I can edit posts from my phone, it’s very WYSIWYG, and once I enable the plugin, it will have very nice support for embedding content from third parties.┬áPlus I feel like it can take the place of my photostream with its built-in media support. I may still end up with my own media hosting system, but with the plugin, it’s easy to make cards for that, if I ever get there.

Here’s to the future!