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  • I am officially…

    I am officially…

    … on tour. When I got here and even several days into the trip I was like “I’m not on tour yet but I’ll know it when I see it.” Day after day after day I was still not yet on tour. Now I am. What does that even mean? Honestly, I’m not sure. Maybe […]

  • The saga of the lost wallet

    Literally the day before my departure to New Zealand I lost my wallet. Fortunately, I keep an extremely minimal wallet. I had my passport card, my debit card, and my daily driver credit card. I don’t even need my passport card, really, I like to have it because I don’t yet have a RealID Oregon […]

  • Riding out the storm…

    … by not riding! Yesterday I rode my first day on the tour! It was quite a bit harder than I was expecting. I felt really great early on but bonked pretty hard later in the day. It was still a good day full of great experiences and I’m proud of myself. We’re having a […]

  • Mastodon!

    I’m using a new mastodon account for my travels. I had planned to use this site for more microblog style content but I feel like I want to post that way more than makes sense to do here, so I’ll do it over on mastodon. I’m over at @kitchen@simian.rodeo, on an instance run by my […]

  • Gear post!

    Gear post!

    As is obligatory before one sets off on a human-powered adventure, here is my gear post. There will be lots of photos and text, but hopefully it’ll be well categorized for easy skimming! The packs How I have packed things kinda falls into 3 main categories: sleeping kit, clothes, and food. Sleeping kit by itself […]

  • life.zip

  • It ain’t easy

    As the amount of possessions I own and the number of days left before my flight dwindles down, the reality of this whole thing is really sinking in. It’s really happening. I’m really doing this. It’s unreal. The past few months but especially the past few weeks and even more especially that last few days […]

  • A new chapter!

    Greetings! I have some exciting news to share with the blog today! A few years ago I tweeted that I was leaving to journey around the world for the next 2 years. Sadly, this was an April Fool’s joke that … nobody caught because part of the joke was that it was actually April 1 […]