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It is with a very heavy heart that I have decided to find a new home for my cats. I will soon be starting on a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, a 2100 mile trail running from Northern Georgia to Central Maine on the East Coast of the US. After this, I’ll be heading out to wander my way around the world for about 5 years as kind of a hiatus from “normal” life. This is obviously not compatible with taking care of 2 cats, so it’s time to find a new home for them.

Jimmy in his usual spot


Jimmy is a 12 year old male Russian Blue love bug. His favorite thing in the world is to cuddle. At. All. Times. 110F out? Glued to your side. Working on something? Glued to your side. He really just loves to cuddle most of all. Sometimes he can get a bit aggressive or annoying about it, and also has a tendency to nibble if you’re not giving him enough attention, but is otherwise pretty much a normal cat.



Bean is a 10 year old male short hair mutt of a cat. He’s the mischief maker. He’s the guard dog. He goes bananas over laser pointers and catnip. Completely bonkers about catnip. I can’t even describe how bonkers about catnip. He has become much more cuddly in his years, but is definitely more of an observer than a cuddler. He absolutely loves chin and cheek scritches though.

More info about them!

They are both neutered male cats who have lived together for a long time and get along reasonably well.

They both had recent dentals and Jimmy just doesn’t have that many teeth left.

They are both up to date on their shots.

They’re both exclusively indoor cats, no diseases or fleas to worry about.

They used to live with a dog, so they’re used to dogs, and if you have a dog who’s fairly chill and ok with some periodic shenanigans from Bean, they’d probably be totally cool with your dog. Hell, if it’s a playful enough dog, they might even get Bean to be playful.

Getting cuddle time with Bean is rare, but when it happens it’s soooooooo goood.

I’ve mentioned Jimmy is very cuddly. I mean it. He is a cuddle superstar.

They both love to sleep in bed. It used to be the case that they would both sleep with me, sandwich style. Then it was just Jimmy. And now it’s mostly just Bean. But yea. They love bedtime. Bean will run into the bedroom, jump on the bed, and yell at me until I go to bed. And once I’m in bed he’s immediately glued to my side.

They aren’t super box cats, but I have made a little box fort for them and they seem to like exploring it. If I had more space I’d make a much larger one with multiple “floors” and stuff for them to explore. Right now it’s just an upside down Amazon box with a couple of flaps cut in it.

I’ve mentioned that Bean loves catnip. I can’t adequately describe just how much he loves catnip.

Bean spilling the catnip

He loves catnip a lot. So much that you need to be careful when giving it to him as he’ll swat (with claws) and bite at your hand if you’re sprinkling it on him. It’s hilarious to watch though as he’ll start flopping around and going bonkers, but just be careful with your hands. This video was right before I left for a week long trip so I just left the spilled catnip to clean up when I got back and let my cat sitter know to expect the mess and that it’s ok.

They are getting more social as they age. They used to just immediately run and hide with people around, but now even with a totally new person, so long as I’m around they tend to come out and be curious, if not come over and get some pets. They’re shy, though. Jimmy will warm up to you much more quickly than Bean will, though Bean may let you pet him before Jimmy does.

If you’re interested, please email me at kitchen@kitchen.io and let’s chat! I’m mostly looking for folks in the PNW area, but I’m open to traveling further if you’re serious!

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