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  • I am officially…

    I am officially…

    … on tour. When I got here and even several days into the trip I was like “I’m not on tour yet but I’ll know it when I see it.” Day after day after day I was still not yet on tour. Now I am. What does that even mean? Honestly, I’m not sure. Maybe […]

  • It ain’t easy

    As the amount of possessions I own and the number of days left before my flight dwindles down, the reality of this whole thing is really sinking in. It’s really happening. I’m really doing this. It’s unreal. The past few months but especially the past few weeks and even more especially that last few days […]

  • A new chapter!

    Greetings! I have some exciting news to share with the blog today! A few years ago I tweeted that I was leaving to journey around the world for the next 2 years. Sadly, this was an April Fool’s joke that … nobody caught because part of the joke was that it was actually April 1 […]

  • What’s Up?

    Been a while since my last post. So here are some updates: I’m no longer at Cozy. I’m at Squarespace now. Speaking of web hosting, I finally moved this blog over to WordPress.com so I don’t have to worry about my WordPress site getting owned and all the updates and maintenance required to run a […]

  • New Job!

    I have a new job! Like, a real one! On Monday I’ll be starting at Cozy! Cozy is based in Portland, and is a very small company with big ambitions. They are trying to change how tenants and landlords interact, and make things a lot easier. From the initial application through lease signing to paying […]

  • Excitement, etc

    So I just got rejected for a job. In seemingly large part due to my last blog post. From the feedback provided (which is totally awesome that they did this, btw, because it’s not just a “good luck in your future endeavors”, it gives me something to think about): I just didn’t have confidence that […]

  • No hablo Español

    A little bit before I came back from down south I decided I wanted to learn Spanish. When in was in Japan I decided I wanted to learn Japanese, but I didn’t stick with it. There were a number of reasons, some of which aren’t resolved as of this attempt at learning Spanish, but others […]

  • Te Afteroa

    It’s been a few weeks since I finished walking. A lot has happened. A lot hasn’t happened. The biggest thing that has happened, however, is I’m back in Portland, sitting on my couch with my cats, contemplating things. To quote an article a friend linked me to: “life has ceased to be linear”. On the […]

  • Waiau Pass anxiety

    I’m so anxious about this walk. The last 2 days have been super easy. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as easy. And then super hard up over the pass. For some reason I was dreading this whole section as though the whole thing would be as hard as the pass. But really it’s just […]

  • The lost art of sending postcards

    You’ve seen them everywhere. Every convenience store. Every museum gift shop. Every little cafe on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. But how often have you actually sent or gotten one? Of course I’m talking about postcards. In this modern era of literally being able to make a video call to […]