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  • Te Afteroa

    It’s been a few weeks since I finished walking. A lot has happened. A lot hasn’t happened. The biggest thing that has happened, however, is I’m back in Portland, sitting on my couch with my cats, contemplating things. To quote an article a friend linked me to: “life has ceased to be linear”. On the […]

  • Photos!

    Quick update: there were some photos on some older posts that didn’t get uploaded properly. They should all be fixed now though. Sorry about that!

  • Fin

    I’ve called it. I’m finished with the trail. So many feels. This morning the rain was pretty fierce and I just wasn’t feeling it. I delayed a couple of times and waited before making a decision, but ultimately decided to call it early and take the boat into Picton directly. I have a lot of […]

  • Day 52: Punga Cove to Miner’s Camp

    It rained today. A lot. I sat around at Punga Cove until just before 1pm when I left to head to Miner’s Camp a bit up the trail. Ran into John and Christine one last time. They were headed back to the road to try to hitch out to Picton. Hugs and goodbyes all around. […]

  • Portage Bay to Punga Cove zero

    It rained today. In fact, it’s still raining. And hasn’t stopped once all day. Between that and the shin splints I decided I was not walking today. There wouldn’t have been anything to see along the trail, I would have been miserable, it wouldn’t have been a fun day. And I’m beyond the point of […]

  • Day 51: Anakiwa to Portage Bay

    Showering in the morning before going out has been pretty rare for me lately. I’ve been cleaning up a bit when I roll into huts in the afternoon, or showering when I arrive into town, but I haven’t been doing my usual morning shower routine. This morning, I had a shower. It was rather nice. […]

  • Day 50ish: Havelock to Anakiwa

    Really happy I decided to hitch in last night rather than this morning. I was able to get laundry done, hang out with John and Christine, get a shower, and not have to pitch my tent and then tear it down in the morning! I also had plenty of time today to visit the i-Site […]

  • Day 49: Rocks Hut to Havelock

    2 hours. 2 hours. 7-9 hours. That’s the time estimates I was looking at for today. Set my alarm for 6:30am, got out of bed around 6:40. Put the kettle on and went to use the glorious flush toilet outside. Heavenly. Cold as hell, but whatever. Came back in, drank some tea, packed some stuff […]

  • Day 48: Starveall Hut to Rocks Hut

    Last night was very cold. The hut was full so I’d originally set up my tent outside, with the only available spot being on the helipad, but later, I realized there was actually room on the floor inside so I tore down my tent and moved inside. Glad I did. Even inside on the floor […]

  • Day 47: Rintoul Hut to Starveall Hut

    Cloudy. It was cloudy this morning. But we had to move, there was no choice. I could have stayed for another day, but I wasn’t very interested in that. So we left. Immediately past the hut the climb began. And climb we did. And climb. And finally popped out above the tree line onto the […]