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  • iPad as Desktop: Emacs

    Lately I’ve been working on a setup such that I can use my iPad as my primary desktop, at least for personal tasks. In this, the first of what I plan as a series of posts about my journey, I’ll outline what I’m currently using to be able to use emacs from my iPad. TL;DR…

  • Emacs: a new chapter

    I previously wrote about my first month with org-mode. I’m pleased to say that all of that went right out the window and I barely look at Org anymore. But that’s fine. It’s the way of things. Especially with me! However, today I just did something wild and crazy. I deleted my .vimrc and all…

  • A month with Org-mode

    A month with Org-mode

    People have sang to me the praises of Org-mode for years and years and years. But every time I’ve sat down to try to learn enough Emacs to be able to use Org-mode I’ve nearly had to go see a doctor for the pain in my left hand. I just can’t use the ctrl key…