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Day 3: Riverton to Mahuru Cottage

After yesterday’s mishap with high tide I decided I wasn’t going to repeat my mistake. So I slept in. Ate breakfast at the cafe across the street. Had coffee. Relaxed. Finished my book. And around 2pm headed out for the trail.

After a good amount of paved and gravel road walk I reached the beginning of the track that would lead me down to the beach. My first actual dirt track of the trip!

Climbing up there was a side track to take me to an overlook, which of course I did. Sadly the fog was still in so there wasn’t much of a view of what would otherwise be a lovely little bay.

Further on I came across my first stole of the trip, meaning I was headed into critter territory! This also marked my first encounter with the orange markers that indicate the trail for most of the journey. It’s almost as if it was really happening!

I spent the next hour or so waking through stock fields, scaring sheep and cows.

At one point my path was blocked by a whole lot of cows. They didn’t seem to unhappy with my presence but didn’t seem to happy either. I managed to squeeze past them without too much fuss. I think they were bulls though so I was a bit worried. I don’t want to mess with a bull.

Later on the trail forced me to stop, remove my pack, and have a rest. A narrow path through the rocks was too narrow for the Tardis to get through. Hoisting it up over my head and trying to dodge dead tree limbs was an exercise in frustration, but I rewarded myself with some trail mix!

Finally I approached the beach. And this is where my delay for the tides really paid off. The first part of the beach was slow going, but I climbed up to the top of it and found a road that ran along the back side and used that for a bit.

It eventually ran out though. Fortunately, other people seemed to have had the same idea I did and just walked in the tall grass. For a decent portion of it there was a fairly well traveled trail and I was able to avoid too soft of surface almost entirely.

As I approached Colac Bay, the beach finally got big enough that I could comfortably walk on it, so I did. The last beach I would walk on for the remainder of the trip.

Shortly after I left the beach and headed inland. Prior to arriving in Colac Bay is been debating if I was going to push onward to Mahuru Cottage a few ks up the road or if I was going to stay at the campsite in Colac Bay.

After getting some food in me at the tavern, I decided I was feeling good enough to continue on. The walk to Mahuru Cottage is a road walk, but it wasn’t a hot day, so it wasn’t a terrible walk. Plus I threw on some guilty pleasure music and danced my way along the road. Eventually I landed at my spot for the night and met my wonderful hosts, had a shower, washed some clothes and went to bed.

This chicken at one point came up onto the deck outside the tavern and tried to go inside. Cheeky bird.

2 responses to “Day 3: Riverton to Mahuru Cottage”

  1. Hi
    I am now on the TA and i see you was at the mahuru cottage. So do you have any information about this cottage? I couldt find anything in internet. Thanks for your help.
    Cheers toni


    • Certainly!

      It’s just a family and you can camp in their yard and use their bathroom and such. All for koha. They were super nice people and I would totally stay there again (except for the fact that if I did TA again I’d be starting in Colac Bay, not Bluff 🙂

      Hope you’ve enjoyed the trail or if you’re just starting that you’ll enjoy the trail! 😀


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